Easy make-ahead egg muffin breakfast

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 One of my favourite things to eat in the morning is eggs. On weekends or days when I don’t have to work, I will almost always eat a little bit later in the morning and make myself two fried eggs. I like to have them on a variety of bases – two pieces of toast with cheese or chopped avocado, a toasted and buttered bagel, or mashed leftover sweet potatoes. I’ve even had them on top of leftover reheated brown rice. Other times I might make myself an omelet with garlic, cheese, and veggies stuffed inside. Once in awhile I’ll just scramble the eggs.

On a work day, though, I don’t really have the time to be fussing with eggs (especially an omelet which takes a bit more time). Scrambled or fried eggs don’t honestly take that long, but my time is tight enough that I generally just go with toast and peanut butter. (I know I could just get up earlier but, well, no.)

This is a great way to enjoy extremely fast – and portable! – eggs on a busy day. I cook up this Make-Ahead Egg Muffin breakfast on a Sunday afternoon, and I have a quick breakfast all week long!

Easy make ahead egg muffins

Let’s make some breakfast!

The “recipe” is very simple and can be tweaked to suit your tastes. Here’s a basic version that I like to make.

Quick, Easy Make-Ahead Egg Muffins
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  1. 10-12 eggs
  2. A few splashes of milk
  3. Garlic powder (to taste)
  4. Finely chopped onion or scallion
  5. Chopped ham (leftover or deli slices)
  6. Grated cheddar cheese
  1. Preheat oven to 350C.
  2. In a large bowl, beat together the eggs and a few splashes of milk. Stir in garlic powder.
  3. Lightly grease two muffin pans. Place even amounts of onion, ham, and cheese in each tin. Carefully pour egg mixture into each tin; keep in mind it will puff up a bit while cooking but you should be okay filling it almost full.
  4. Gently stir each muffin tin just to combine and mix ingredients.
  5. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes, until the tops feel "springy". You can also test by inserting a toothpick into one of the muffins; if it comes out without any liquid on it, they're done!
  6. Allow them to cool to room temperature, then store in a container in the fridge. They can certainly be eaten cold but I like to pop two into the microwave for about 20-30 seconds until they're nice and warm.
  7. Enjoy!
  1. Tip: You can customize these any way that you like. You can replace the onion, ham, and cheese with anything that makes you happy and you can add whatever you have on hand. Try diced tomatoes, chopped mushrooms, different types of cheese, extra seasonings, leftover veggies, whatever you would enjoy with eggs.
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I’ve made them ahead of time and eaten them in the morning at home before running out to catch my bus. I’ve also tossed two of them into a container to bring with me to heat up at the office – they’re extremely portable. If you like them cold (not my personal preference, but I don’t judge!) you could eat them on the go.

When I first made these I was doing a gluten-free test run so I had them with some fruit on the side to help me feel nice and full. Now I eat them with a slice of toast or two. They’re so easy to tinker with that you can make them fit a variety of dietary needs and personal tastes. It’s honestly a really quick recipe idea for a grab and go day!

Let me know if you try them and tell me what you think! And don’t forget to share your ingredient combinations with me to inspire me to try them too!

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